Vanishing Nevada

Photography from the abandoned (and not so abandoned) ghost towns and mining towns of Nevada.

Explore Nevada Ghost Town Photography Gallery, Vanishing Nevada. Explore forgotten ghost towns and mining towns here on Our collection showcases the haunting beauty of Nevada's mining and ghost towns, taking you on a journey along the scenic routes of Highway 50, the vast expanses of the Great Basin, and the winding paths of Routes 6 and 95. Each photograph reveals the stories of dreams and lives that once thrived in these now-silent towns.


These photos document a trip taken out Highway 50 east and back via routes 6 and 95. We explored by going up dirt roads, not knowing what we would find. And it became apparent that these ghost towns and mining towns, while still here, were a vanishing legacy that may soon be gone. This gallery may give you an imaginary trip into our pasts and the people looking to build better lives.


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